Upgrades to Avoid: What Will Turn OFF Buyers in New Jersey!

Do you want to sell your house in New Jersey? If yes, you might be thinking about fixing up and upgrading the house a little bit to increase market value. Some of these upgrades can be very profitable, while others can cost you a ton of money. In this blog post, I’ll let you know what to do and what no to do if you want to upgrade your house to sell faster!

Having a nice, clean, neat and upgraded house is an amazing way to attract potential buyers to your house. Everyone loves a fresh looking house! However, a lot of sellers fall in the trap of working on the wrong upgrades to the house, or upgrading things that don’t increase the market value. Sometimes, these upgrades will even push buyers away from the house! So before you start any work to your house, plan it properly! Consider making only necessary repairs and upgrades that will pay for themselves by increasing the home’s market value.

Don’t Add a Pool Unless YOU are Swimming In It

Some people think that a pool is a great upgrade to their house, however sometimes it’s exactly the opposite: having a pool will push buyers away. The amount of time needed to maintain a pool, and the cost to do it can be overwhelming to the big majority of people. Specially here in New Jersey, where we roughly have 5 months of warm weather a year (it would make sense if we were in Florida, but that’s not the case)! Point blank: A pool doesn’t provide returns. 

Don’t Get So Personal

Don’t make it personal – that’s super hard to do, I know, but sometimes what you like is not what other buyers will like. Try to be as neutral as possible, and not to use bold colors in any of the rooms. Use neutral colors in all rooms of the house, including kitchen and bathrooms.

Don’t Decide for Your Buyers

If there are obvious repairs or upgrades needed, don’t make them. Instead, provide a credit to the buyer, so they can have things done the way they want. It can be a great incentive when buyers have the ability to decide on the details of the home. People will be attracted to the idea of choosing their own countertops and lighting fixtures. Point Blank: Don’t make upgrades based on your own personal enjoyment or taste.

Leave the Basement Alone

I know everyone loves a finished basement. However, what to do with the basement is a completely different story. Some people like a man cave, some others like a play area for the kids. And even nowadays, in-law suites are super trendy and a basement is the perfect place to do so. That’s why if you have an unfinished basement, keep it that way, so the new owner can do whatever they want to the space. Some will simply sheetrock the whole room, and put a carpet on it, some others will want all customized. And even worse: usually a finished basement do not add that much of market value when you sell your house, so keep it simple: Point Blank: An unfinished basement is best left that way. 

Make the Space Intentional

Keep the rooms as they were intended. Extra bedroom? Keep it a bedroom, not an office. Let the prospective buyers decide how they want to use the space. A room conversion will only knock down the perceived value. A 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom home will get more traction than a 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom + den at the same price. Also, a gym/office/library/breakfast nook can become confusing. Point blank: Plan your space with purpose. 

What are the Neighbors Doing?

Take a look at other homes in your neighborhood and keep your upgrades somewhere in the middle. If you go too far with your add-ons, you will be targeting high-end buyers. And maybe your neighborhood isn’t known for that. In addition, you will alienate buyers who love your neighborhood but don’t want to pay the high price. Point blank: Keep your property competitive within your neighborhood, but don’t take it too far! 

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