Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home In New Jersey Or Sell To An Investor?

Are you thinking about selling your house fast? Perhaps you’re looking at the pros and cons of how to sell and thinking, “Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell My House In New Jersey Or Sell To An Investor?” If so then this post is for you! (It also applies to anyone looking to sell a house in NJ!

Selling a house is a big and complex decision, so you’re smart to be thinking through all the steps of the process.

Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home In NJ Or Sell To An Investor?

Pros And Cons Of Working With a Realtor


  • The realtor probably has experience, so they know the process
  • You won’t have to negotiate directly – the realtor will do that for you
  • The agent will guide you step-by-step
  • You could get a price closer to the price you had in mind


  • You’ll have to fix your house up (and there are costs associated with it)
  • You’ll have to clean your house (also costs)
  • You’ll have to wait the realtor show your house to several different prospective buyers – (and this could take months!)
  • … which means you’ll have to pay utilities, taxes, and insurance on the house while it’s being shown
  • You’ll have to pay the realtor’s commissions (usually 6% of the selling price -for a $300k house that would be $18k out of your pocket!)
  • You might not get a price closer to your asking price

Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home In NJ Or Sell To An Investor?

Pros And Cons Of Working With An Investor


  • The investor also has a lot of experience and often knows what they are doing (we do!)
  • You’ll know exactly what the offer is right away – there’s no guesswork or gambling on the market
  • You don’t have to fix up your house and handle contractors and subs
  • You don’t have to clean up your house – you can even let all your stuff behind if you want to. We’ll deal with it!
  • You don’t have to wait months! We can close in a few weeks!
  • … which means you don’t have to pay bills, taxes, and insurance on the property that whole time
  • You don’t have any commissions or fees to pay (remember those $18k?)


  • You might not get “market price” for your house – an investor may pay less

Which Is Better For You?

For many property owners it comes down to just a few simple questions:

  1. How soon do you want to sell?
  2. Would you rather wait and see IF you can get market price (but pay more in bills, commission to the realtor, fix up the house, etc.) or know right away exactly how much you’ll get (and save money in all those expenses)?

When you answer those questions then you’ll discover the answer to your question, “Should I Hire A Real Estate Agent To Sell My Home In NJ Or Sell To An Investor?

Ready To Sell Soon?

If you’re thinking of selling but have questions on the process or wants to see how much we can offer for your property, just give us a call and let us know about the house and we’ll see how we can help – we might be able to give you a cash offer to buy your house in less than 48 hours or we might connect you with a great real estate agent that we know and work with. Just call us at 1-888-WE-BUY-NJ or click here now and fill out the form and we’ll get back to you right away.

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